Требуется Senior Vice President of Product Management (remote work)

Заработная плата: от 1750000 до 1900000 руб. в месяц.

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Должностные обязанности

Responsibilities of the Role As a Domain Director, you own the highest level of product direction and definition. You own the definition of the differentiated features that are valuable and unique. You own the identification of opportunities to use important enabling technologies. And you own the creativity and ideation to come up with the best killer product features. Key responsibilities to accomplish this include: - Ability to build “expert level” knowledge in a technical domain area - Develop a strong point of view on what makes your product differentiated (functionally and technically) - Make important technical decisions to take advantage of enabling technologies - Create insights that lead to “killer features” that “make” a product - Say “no” to distractions, over-architecture, and bad design decisions

Требования к квалификации

Required Education, Experience, Qualities, and Technologies - Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering - Experience: Recent hands-on experience defining/owning products and strategy - Ownership of the technical definition and design of software products - Experience communicating requirements in writing and using diagrams (such as architecture diagrams, data flows, and system - component diagrams) - Product management experience with startups or new/1.0 products within larger companies - Experience working closely with engineering delivery teams and following a structured development process - Experience with the software development tools/platform space is a nice-to-have along with product management of products used by Fortune 500 sized companies Qualities: Strong candidates should: - Be able to learn a space and develop strong opinions about “what matters” - Take pride in creating simple architectures that are easy to understand and build - Enjoy finding the right tool for the job (such as a third-party library) instead of creating everything from scratch. - Have excellent written communication skills. In particular being clear and concise. - Appreciate a structured and repeatable process over ad-hoc processes Technologies: We like to hire smart people who learn new tools/technologies as needed, but these are some of the notable technologies currently in use: - Back end technologies based on both J2EE and frameworks like Spring - Front end technologies including templating, CSS and JS frameworks - Data related technologies including Amazon Aurora, other Relational databases, Nosql databases, Memory Caching systems, Full Text - Search engines, Big Data systems - Cloud or DevOps services like AWS, Docker, Azure, etc. - Containerization technologies such as Docker, Swarm, and Kubernetes - Message Queuing/Bus systems such as JMS and Amazon SQS - Machine Learning systems such as TensorFlow Interested in Applying? Crossover is one of the premier development staffing companies today, offering high-paying jobs that are 100% remote, work from home. You never have to fight traffic to the office again and you have the freedom to choose when and where you put in your 40 hours to be most effective each week. To qualify, please provide a resume/CV demonstrating the required experience and skills. From there, to help us find the top 1% of talent, there will be a series of interviews and online examinations. We realize these are challenging and can require a decent amount of time so we thank you in advance for your efforts. We are looking for the best, and if we have the chance to work together, you will appreciate the diligent process when you meet your teammates!

Условия работы и компенсации

Total Compensation: $200/hr (40 productive hours/week) Location: Global (remote) Own a product’s most strategic decisions as we re-imagine software development We are passionate about building great software and making developers more productive. We have so many ideas ranging from better reuse of code, to applications of AI, new algorithms to improve quality, automation of development processes, and much more. But we need technical leaders who can develop expert knowledge in an area and have the creative skill required to innovate new products and “killer features.” If you have strong opinions about how things should be done and want to own products that offer differentiated capabilities, you will love this job. You might be a technical co-founder or CTO of a startup and ready to make high cash compensation instead of equity. You might be a senior product manager with a track record of delivering awesome product MVPs. Either way we are looking for the best of the best. If any of this this sounds interesting, you should apply and explore this special position. Crossover is changing how software is written. You can own that vision. This is a special opportunity for the most talented Technical Product Managers. Here are a just a few reasons why: By Developers for Developers: You know software development. Come define products you would love to use yourself. Ownership: In this role you will work with the highest levels of leadership but will own entire products and product lines from end-to-end. You will own the important technical decisions and differentiated features. Career Growth: You will refine your product management skills by working with us because of our extreme focus on product differentiation and simplicity. You will also develop your experience working with entirely global/remote dev teams - the way of the future. These core skills will serve you well for the rest of your career. Learn and Use Disruptive Tech: Every day you hear about how some new company is applying disruptive technology to a stagnant industry. Crossover is your chance to learn exciting technologies but also how and when to use them. Come learn and use new technologies in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data analysis, NLP, PaaS Cloud services. Work/Life Balance: Crossover staffs global, remote teams. You won’t be an “outsider” who is remote when other key players are all in an office together. We are a fully remote company and we love it. This gives you added flexibility and the opportunity to work with some of the best people around the world. A Bit about Crossover The Crossover culture is rooted in a deep appreciation for software development combined with a passion to use objective data to make development better. We are inspired by the industrial manufacturing revolution that happened over 100 years ago. Jobs were loosely defined, not measured, not specialized, not automated, and the result was terrible quality and productivity. Today manufacturing is dominated by automation, scientific measurement, and well defined processes. The result is very high quality and 100x greater productivity. We see the same opportunity in large scale software development. We build software that makes software development 10X better and we are applying the latest tools, technologies, and trends to make this happen.

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